Making A Difference

About Us

Strength of Hope was founded by a small group of friends just like you. We come from various backgrounds: education, publishing, semiconductor, finance, real estate, and sales.

Among the many things we had in common was the desire and need for a naturally pure alternative to a variety of health concerns.


Our commonality was that health problems were controlling our lives; while all different, they were none-the-less disabling.


  • Chronic Pain and depression due to an on the job injury

  • Chronic pain and anxiety from female and orthopedic issues

  • Chronic pain resulting from an automobile accident

  • The difficult side effects caused by Chemo Therapy in an ongoing battle with cancer

  • Stress and migraine pain

  • The exhausting fatigue as a result of the fight to feel good and be productive in our work, all while striving to be inspiring parents, husbands, wives and friends