Strength of Hope was founded by a small group of friends just like you. We come from various backgrounds: education, publishing, semiconductor, finance, real estate, and sales.

Among the many things we had in common was the desire and need for a naturally pure alternative to a variety of health concerns.

We will never claim Hemp extract is the only solution, or even a solution in itself. We do attest that for us, this amazing natural solution has helped each of us take back our lives.


Making A Difference

We started this company with a mission to help other people (and their pets!). Hemp Extract has gained great attention and popularity with consumers, but unfortunately, not every hemp product on the market is what it is advertised to be. Many Hemp Extract products are untested, or do not have accurate testing, or the Hemp Extract is imported and the ingredients are questionable.

We wanted to change that by making Hemp Extract products from All-Natural and Organic Ingredients while also keeping our prices affordable for everyone.

Affordable, clean, pure and incredibly powerful. That's what Strength of Hope is to people.


What Does Strength Of Hope Mean?

When we were in the process of creating our products, one of our close friend became diagnosed with early-stage pancreatic cancer. It was a hard diagnosis to process, with a long road to recovery for her. One of the hardest things that people deal with when battling cancer and other ailments is the fact that it's a terrifying journey to go through. We wanted to give people the strength necessary to hold onto the hope for a better tomorrow.

That's what we stand for: Strength of Hope.


Strength of Hope has several different products available and many more that will be released later this year.